• Turkey is a secular state, respecting all religions
  • The majority of its people are muslims with minorities of christians, jews and atheists
  • In contrast with most of the neighbouring countries, Turkey respects the lifestyles of all.
  • Religion is not applied as a law
  • Family, friend and neighbor visits are common in Turkish society. Guest is very important for Turkish people. People do their best for the guests to be entertained and comfortable. When you are a guest of a traditional Turkish family, they will feed you with good Turkish dishes first and insist that you stay longer. It is possible to encounter the same interest and warmth in the hotels you stay, the restaurants you eat and the tourist places you visit. There is also widespread sympathy for students in Turkish society. If you live away from your family as a young student or employee, one evening your neighbor may knock on your door and ask you to serve foot to you. Sending warm home meals to students is very common.